At St. Louis School students can be part of one or more of our four performance ensembles. These ensembles include: Band, Marimba, Glee and Orchestra.

While participating in any of these ensembles, children can expect to develop and improve upon the following skills:

An ability to listen for and produce good tone.

An understanding of melody, harmony, and accompaniment as it pertains to the specific piece being performed.

An ability to read standard musical notation for pitch and rhythm as well as musical symbols that communicate expressive elements.

An ability to perform with technical accuracy various pitches, rhythms, and expressive elements as they are heard or notated.

An ability to perform with expression as it pertains to the history, culture and time period from which a given piece came.

Children (and their families) should understand that there are expectations for behavior and a desired skill set for successful participation in any of these groups. They include:

Weekly attendance at all rehearsals and small group lessons as required by each group.

Individual skill development including, but not limited to: self control, focused attention, personal preparation, a positive attitude, perseverance, a desire to improve, cooperation, dedication, and organization.

Ensemble skills development including, but not limited to: interacting with other members of each ensemble with good manners and respect, the ability to perform your individual part in conjunction with other people playing different parts, and a willingness to focus on the success of the group.