The Mission
of the St. Louis School Music Program is to provide the highest quality of instruction and experience in music for all students.

This is accomplished through active, participatory instruction in a wide variety of musical opportunities. These include general music instruction, instrumental music lessons, enrichment in music technology, and ensemble experiences including a marimba and drumming ensemble, glee club, band, and orchestra.


Meeting Standards
Local, State, National, and Common Core Standards for Music Education shape our curriculum.

While participating in musical activities, children experience and achieve standards at a variety of levels as they move through St. Louis School. The foundations that are laid in Kindergarten are expanded upon and enriched in later grades. Please click to read more...

Please read this important document from the Arts Education Partnership called, "Music Matters" for recent research and information linking the study of music to academic success. You can find this document at:


Upcoming Events...
Please join us for these events as your schedule allows.

Have a Splendid Summer!

Upcoming Events:

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Creating a Safe Environment (C.A.S.E.)
Help us keep our campus safe!

All adults must sign in at the office window and wear your Safe Environment badge when you are on campus for any volunteer duty. **If you have lost your badge, there is a $2.00 replacement fee.  It will take a week to process a new badge. Please leave your badge in the office to avoid losing it.

All case training opportunities are now online. Please see the main St. Louis School website for more information. Scroll down to the "School Forms" section on the link below:

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This Month's Musical Thoughts...
Quotes, songs, and videos that have me thinking...